Paro International Airport, is the only airport in Bhutan that caters to visitors coming to Bhutan. It is located at an altitude of 7,300 ft above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and hills as high as 16,000 feet.

DrukAir, the oldest airline, operates to New Delhi, Calcutta, Baghdogra, Guwahati and Bodh Gaya in India; Kathmandu in Nepal; Dhaka in Bangladesh; Bangkok in Thailand and Singapore.

TashiAir, now operates to Calcutta in India and Bangkok in Thailand.

For most visitors, the preferred ports of embarkation are: New Delhi and Calcutta in India; Dhaka in Bangladesh; Kathmandu in Nepal; Bangkok in Thailand and Singapore.

One of the most exciting flights for visitors is the Paro and Kathmandu sector where the aircraft passes over four of the five highest mountains in the world namely Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kangchenjunga

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Visitor coming into Bhutan through land can enter Bhutan through the border town of Phuentsholing in the west, Gelephu in the south, and Samdrup Jongkhar in the east.

The nearest airport to Phuntsholing is Baghdogra airport in West Bengal India and is about 170 km from Phuntsholing.

Samdrup Jongkhar is the only entry point for eastern Bhutan. The nearest airport is located at Guwahati, the capital city of Assam in India, about 150 kilometres away. It takes about three hours from Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar by road.

Gelephu in south-central Bhutan is another entry point for visitors. However, not many visitors use this entry point as there is no airport located nearby

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Travelling within Bhutan

Despite the major hurdle posed by the inaccessible terrain and the high mountain passes, all major towns and important places of visit are connected by a good road network. However, an important feature of the road system is the innumerable curves and bends that one will have to negotiate.  Besides the bends, another characteristic of the road network is the steep ascents and descents that slow down car travels. One is however generously rewarded for the long and tiring car journey by the spectacular views of the mountains, the lush green jungles, the ancient villages, the majestic temples and monasteries and the many roadside restaurants.

Depending on the number of our guests, MERIK Tours uses SUVs, mini vans or coaster buses

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Customs Requirements

The following articles are exempt from duty:

(a) Personal effects and articles for day to day use by the visitor
(b) 1 litre of alcohol (spirits or wine)
(c) 200 cigarettes, on payment of import duty of 200%
(d) Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use
(e) Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic goods for personal use.

You have to complete the passenger declaration form on your arrival before checking out. The articles mentioned under (d) & (e) must be declared on the declaration form. If any such items are disposed of in Bhutan by sale or gift, they are liable for customs duty.

On departure, visitors are required to surrender their forms to the customs authorities.

Import/export restrictions of the following goods is strictly prohibited:(a) Arms, ammunitions and explosives
(b) All narcotics and drugs except medically prescribed drugs
(c) Wildlife products, especially those of endangered species
(d) Antiques.

Imports of plants, soils etc. are subject to quarantine regulations. These items must be cleared on arrival. Visitors are advised to be cautious in purchasing old and used items, especially of religious or cultural significance, as such items may not be exported without a clearance certificate

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Travel Experts

Travel Manager: Tshewang Zam

Besides her first hand travel experiences in many parts of the world, Tshewang is knowledgeable about various destinations with a keen understanding of the ins and outs of the travel industry. Her attention to detail and creativity are appreciated by clients looking to plan the vacation of a lifetime. She is the subject matter expert when it comes to your vacation in Bhutan

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Travel Consultants: Team Toronto

As we extend our branch in Toronto, we have an excellent team of Travel Consultants who will not only prepare your travel packages, but also take care of your bookings and payments locally. This would mean that you won’t have to worry about wiring your payments internationally, instead pay as if you are at your favorite grocery store by means of credit card, debit card, email transfers, bank drafts you name it, we will make it as seamless as possible. So shall be any unforeseen cancellations and refunds. We have it covered locally.

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Our mission is simply to let you discover your happiness at a lower affordable rate without compromising the quality services that Bhutan has to offer.
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We have established the first permanent Bhutanese travel office in Toronto. Our company owns proprieties in Toronto and has legal banking relationship with one of the leading Canadian banks. So you have the worry free option to pay through personal cheques, bank draft, money order, email transfer or major credit cards absolutely protected by the consumer rights.
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